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Visibility issue

1 month 3 weeks ago #3444 by cessna_xls
Visibility issue was created by cessna_xls

I see that this is a common issue on the forums with FSRealWX. I actually moved onto FSGlobal Wx recently because of it, and have had much better results. Using SimConnect over FSUIPC makes no difference. 

I also just figured out how great that old Tileproxy app looks in P3D... unfortunately, with all the sim hacking to get that working, FSGWX will not work with the sim as long as it's running with Tileproxy. So, I've tried to return back to FSRWX with some hope that I can get it figured out so that I don't fly into an airport reporting severe clear and end up almost going missed because I can't even see the ALS till minimums...

After hours of toying with the app and weather settings, I have come to the conclusion that FSRWX is downloading erroneous visibility data starting at ground level and 5sm visibility (which in P3D is more like 1/2 mile for some reason), and every 2000ish foot chunk, it goes to 10sm, then 20sm. and so forth, up to about 10-15k-ish' up where it's 50sm, and above that it is unlimited. 

Now that I know what is causing it, I can just delete the visibility layers upon each weather update. But I shouldn't have to do that - it is tedious, takes a long time to reload the weather scenario, and it detracts from the immersion. So, considering you guys have this info now, is there something you can do to the app to help us all out? I'm almost dead positive this is the same issue that is affecting other folks on this forum as well.  

Thank you - Much appreciated!

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1 month 2 weeks ago #3445 by SilloAdmin
Replied by SilloAdmin on topic Visibility issue
Hello, thank you for your feedback.
You use the ancient app “FSrealWX lite”. This app is no longer supported. Please use FSrealWX 3.0. You can test FSrealWX 3.0 for 21 days.
With FSrealWX 3.0, test the weather mode “Weather file”.

If you find an error, then please give me exactly about your system. Which sim (FSX / P3D / Xplane). Which connection (FSUIPC / SimConnect / FSrealWX-Bridge). Which OS.

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1 month 1 week ago #3447 by cessna_xls
Replied by cessna_xls on topic Visibility issue
Upgrading to 3.0 worked out perfect… using it for the first time now. Thanks so much!
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